A6 4G Changing Decor Trims

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Audi A6 4G Start Stop Button Replacement

Change the often-braking A6 4G Start Stop button with a new, better looking one! Unfortunatelly, the igniton switch is one of those things that you press every day and due to some poor design really, the lettering breaks. I am sure all of you have stumbled upon this. Here's what mine looks like. Parts Required for the Start Stop Replacement So, I ordered a new button, with red surrounding, originally from S6 / RS6 models. The part number for LEFT HAND DRIVE units is 4G1905217B. If you're in the UK or other RHD country - check the proper number for your car. There's a difference. Here's how the new button loks like. Installation Changing the buttons is super simple. There…

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Audi A6 4G C7 Facelift Gearshift Knob Installation

Switching to the much better looking facelift shifting knob or an RS style one requires a bit more effort than simply purchasing the knob itself and replacing it. Since the original button is facing inwards the driver, while the new one is frontal, some heating and twisting is required for the installation Parts Required You will need got pliers, someone to help you and the gearshift ball itself of course. Here's the number of the original A6 knob but you can get S-line, S6, RS6 or whatever option you want.   Assembly First, you need to remove the old one. Pull the leather inwards on the market spots to free the clips and pull up. Be careful not to damage…

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Audi A6 4G C7 Illuminated LED Sills Installation

Led sills look awesome on your car at night. There are numerous variants with S-Line, Allroad, S6 and RS6 illuminated ones. Do not get fooled by the numerous chinese crap that's massively sold on Ebay - original ones look and work much, much better. Since my car is a regular A6, I decided to install the default LED ones. Plus, chinese ones have circle cables that require you to drill through your car which is ridiculous. If you're getting them 2nd hand, make sure to peel off completely the old tape, clean it with alcochol and use the best one you can get your hands on to avoid dust and dirt going under. Parts Required Here are the parts you…

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A6 4G C7 – Chrome Seat Buttons

Somehow, Audi decided that my comfort seat will have the circular button in chrome, while the other two per seat in simple plastic. Thankfuly, you can order chromed ones and replace them fairly easy. Make sure you order the proper ones, since buttons for other cars, including Q7 do not fit! Parts Required Here are the part numbers of the buttons: 8K0959815A 8K0959816A 8K0959817B 8K0959818B Assembly Carefully plug the old ones out and place in the new ones. Simple as that.[image-comparator left="https://www.a6retrofits.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/before.jpg" right="https://www.a6retrofits.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/after.jpg" classes="hover"][/image-comparator]

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Audi A6 4F Cabin (Polen) Filter Replacement

Regularly changinf your Cabin/Polen filter is very important for the work of your car, air conditioning system and for your health. They are very easy to replace if you know how to do it. My advise is not to buy any aftermarket filter because they aren't nearly as good as the original ones with charcoal. If you have allergies - don't even think about a filter without it :) The original ones are with number 4F0 819 439 C - that's a pack of two filters which have the best price - something like EUR50 for both. Personally, I prefer to remove the glove box so I can operate more freely. On the left side you will see a tap,…

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Audi Music Interface (AMI) Retrofit for A6 4F

If you want to play MP3 files from a flash drive, iPod or your mobile phone, the AMI (Audi Music Interface) is the best way to do that. It's a relatively easy retrofit that will take you up to an hour depending on your skill level.Here is a list of the items and actions you need for this retrofit: The Audi Music Interface Unit (part number 4E0 035 785 B)Optic cable splitter (optional)Power cable splitter (optional)Device cableGlove box with space for two units (optional)CD Removal ToolsInstallation Important! AMI interfaces from A4, A5, Q5 are NOT compatible with A6 4F! If your unit part number starts with 8T0, it will not work with your car! The Audi Music Interface Unit Here's…

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