A6 4F DVD Navigation Disk Read Error Solution

Many people complain from their DVDs being unable to read home-written navigations. The problem is with the DVD reader itself and most specifically the lense. Factory-written disks are of much better quality than ANY of the home DVD writers thus in many cases the original disk the car came with (Europa 2007 for example) works but the new ones - don't. The solution is replacing the lens of the reader. WARNING: This is a delicate procedure and if you're unsure you can do it - get someone who can to do it for you. New part: I've ordered it from China - Aliexpres If you're purchasing from somewhere else - make sure it's of the same type! Now, here's how…

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Audi A6 4F Cabin (Polen) Filter Replacement

Regularly changinf your Cabin/Polen filter is very important for the work of your car, air conditioning system and for your health. They are very easy to replace if you know how to do it. My advise is not to buy any aftermarket filter because they aren't nearly as good as the original ones with charcoal. If you have allergies - don't even think about a filter without it :) The original ones are with number 4F0 819 439 C - that's a pack of two filters which have the best price - something like EUR50 for both. Personally, I prefer to remove the glove box so I can operate more freely. On the left side you will see a tap,…

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Audi Music Interface (AMI) Retrofit for A6 4F

If you want to play MP3 files from a flash drive, iPod or your mobile phone, the AMI (Audi Music Interface) is the best way to do that. It's a relatively easy retrofit that will take you up to an hour depending on your skill level.Here is a list of the items and actions you need for this retrofit: The Audi Music Interface Unit (part number 4E0 035 785 B)Optic cable splitter (optional)Power cable splitter (optional)Device cableGlove box with space for two units (optional)CD Removal ToolsInstallation Important! AMI interfaces from A4, A5, Q5 are NOT compatible with A6 4F! If your unit part number starts with 8T0, it will not work with your car! The Audi Music Interface Unit Here's…

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Audi A6 4F Heated Washer Jets with 3 Beams Retrofit

There is a great retrofit from Audi that you can easily add to your car - the tripple windshield jets. Part number: 4F0 098 101 It comes with a CD with full instructions on how to install and adjust your new jets. Here's the original Audi Manual. Detailed Instructions Manual First, you need to open your trunk and remove the old washer jet pulling from the side of the window: Then, place the two strips you receive with the jets the way shown: Finally, plugin the new washer jet and fit it the same way, you've removed the old one. Congrats, all done!

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A6 4F Automatic Dimming Mirror Retrofit

Adding an automatic dimming mirror to your A6 4F Audi (and other models like A3, A4, A5) is fairly easy. There are two ways to do that. If your car has automatic dimming side mirrors, we recommend that you get the Kufatec harness and follow the instructions that come with it. However, this is not necessary. There are six cables in the harness that command the side mirrors and disable the dimming when you put your car on reverse. The mirror itself, only needs power to operate correctly. This is why, if you don't need this function you can simply cut the unnecessary cables and connect the others to the existing ones that go for your light sensor. On the…

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A6 4F Manual Gearshift Knob Replacement with S-line Knob

To be honest, the S-line gearshift knob looks much, much better than the regular one both on the manual and automatic gearshift levers. In addition, especially if you're driving a car with manual gearshift you will be constantly in contact with that lever. This is why it's totally worth it to replace it with the S-line version. It's easy and not very expensive retrofit. First, put your fingers under the edge of the leather base of the knob and carefully pull it out. Once you do that, lift the leather up to reveal the bracket that holds the knob. Use a screwdriver to remove it and pull out the knob from the axel. Once the knob is free, you need…

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