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Audi A6 4F

Audi A6 4G C7 Trunk Splitters

So, the good people at Audi only sell us a package of rails, clips and the separators. If your car already has them, there’s no point ordering that. Instead, you can use the 4F numbers. The separators are the same and you can order them individually.

A6 4F Adjusting Washer Jets ( for cars up to 2007 )

The easiest way to adjust your washer jets perfectly is to follow the diagram in this post. You don’t need to be absolutely precise but adjusting your jet to point to these locations will assure that your windshield will be sprayed properly on all driving speeds. -a- = 255mm -b- = 510mm -c- = 530mm -d- = 430mm

A6 4F Manual Gearshift Knob Replacement with S-line Knob

To be honest, the S-line gearshift knob looks much, much better than the regular one both on the manual and automatic gearshift levers. In addition, especially if you’re driving a car with manual gearshift you will be constantly in contact with that lever. This is why it’s totally worth it to replace it with the S-line version. It’s easy and… Read More »A6 4F Manual Gearshift Knob Replacement with S-line Knob