Change the often-braking A6 4G Start Stop button with a new, better looking one!

Unfortunatelly, the igniton switch is one of those things that you press every day and due to some poor design really, the lettering breaks. I am sure all of you have stumbled upon this. Here’s what mine looks like.

Parts Required for the Start Stop Replacement

So, I ordered a new button, with red surrounding, originally from S6 / RS6 models. The part number for LEFT HAND DRIVE units is 4G1905217B. If you’re in the UK or other RHD country – check the proper number for your car. There’s a difference. Here’s how the new button loks like.


Changing the buttons is super simple. There are videos of people doing stupid things on the Internet, seriously, you don’t need to disassemble half of your car to change a simpel swtich…

First, open your ash tray and pull up the Gear Shift lever’s leather bracket up. I’ve shown how to do this in the post about changing the gearshift knob. It’s really simple, there are four places you need to pull inwards and lift the bracket. Just be carefull not to break it. The end result should look like that:

Note, the location of the blue arrows. Here’s where the clips are. Put your hands in the ash tray and pull towards you until they pry open.

Do not try to pull the entire MMI unit. It’s not needed, and you may and most probably will break a clip or two. Put your hand inside and push the button up towards you. If there’s dirt and stuff in it it may require a bit of a force. The button generally pops pretty easy.

Pull and disconnect the cable from it (standard Audi clips, press the base of the cable and it will pop. Check the blue arrow here – it’s a dent so you can’t put the new one in a wrong position. Connect the new button and carefully put it, feeling when it *clicks* the dent.

Finally, press the button down so it clicks into position. Assemble everything back and…that’s it :) The new one looks much better and does not break as easily as the original one.

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