Most of the pre-facelift A6 4G cars come with a 3-stream jets for the windshield. Personally, I like the spray jets much more because they wet the windshield much better and evenly.

Parts Required

There’s an OEM Audi kit for the jets that you can order, or you can use the VW part number – 5M0955986C9B9. They are absolutelly equal – just get the cheaper one. 4F Owners can use them too but they need a small plastic convertor part – 4F0955431.

Wiring and Assembly

Open the hood and unplug the cables for the heating carefully. There’s a clip that you need to pop-out. Just pay attention it’s really easy to do it but hard to describe it, don’t force them, pop-out the protection and plug the cables out. Same goes for the washer itself – once you pop them out, simply replace them with the new ones. That’s it! Best part is that you don’t need a needle / tool to adjust them, you can do it with normal T9 torx.

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