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Audi A6 4G C7 Illuminated LED Sills Installation

Led sills look awesome on your car at night. There are numerous variants with S-Line, Allroad, S6 and RS6 illuminated ones. Do not get fooled by the numerous chinese crap that’s massively sold on Ebay – original ones look and work much, much better. Since my car is a regular A6, I decided to install the default LED ones. Plus, chinese ones have circle cables that require you to drill through your car which is ridiculous. If you’re getting them 2nd hand, make sure to peel off completely the old tape, clean it with alcochol and use the best one you can get your hands on to avoid dust and dirt going under.

Parts Required

Here are the parts you need. There’s one cable per sill that you need to connect to the lamp under your door. If you don’t have the light package, I wouldn’t bother doing the illuminated sills anyway.

Sills Numbers

  • 4G0 853 373C Front Left
  • 4G0 853 374C Front Right
  • 4G0 853 375C Rear Left
  • 4G0 853 376C Rear Right

Cable Connector Numbers:

  • 4E0972623 4 Female plugs

Wiring and Assembly

You need some strong double sided ductape to stick the sills to your car. Then, insert the cables under the plastic mats and link them to the reading light. That’s it 🙂 Although simple wiring, make sure to check sills polarity and prepare enough time because plastic and trim removal, wiring and connecting is a time consuming process.


There’s no coding, the illumination level is controled by your MMI settings.

Here’s the end result:

7 thoughts on “Audi A6 4G C7 Illuminated LED Sills Installation”

  1. Great write up do you happen to know the S Line Illumination trim part numbers I cant find them and wanted to do the same retrofit as yours my car is the same as yours. thank you.

  2. Thank you, i think i will get the same as yours i agree it looks like S-Line are not illuminated. thank you for your help.
    the etka link doesn’t work for some reason……

  3. i have just tried your part numbers for the ones you have fitted as i am going to go for those but they come up as S-line and non illuminated are these the correct part numbers is there any letter i should use to get exactly the same as yours my Audi dealer is confused

  4. Sorry to keep asking questions i have ordered all the trims can i ask one more question the flat ribbon cable from the trims do they enter the car under the rubber weather seal so do the fold around the metal car body up stand that the rubber weather door seal attaches to and the rubber seal pushes back down over the flat ribbon cable. thank you for a great blog.

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