There is a great retrofit from Audi that you can easily add to your car – the tripple windshield jets.

Part number: 4F0 098 101

It comes with a CD with full instructions on how to install and adjust your new jets. Here’s the original Audi Manual.


Detailed Instructions Manual

First, you need to open your trunk and remove the old washer jet pulling from the side of the window:


Then, place the two strips you receive with the jets the way shown:


Finally, plugin the new washer jet and fit it the same way, you’ve removed the old one. Congrats, all done!

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  1. Antti Riimala


    Great website! Helped me a bunch. That’s incorrect way to install the plastic spacers how it’s seen in the picture.
    If you own A6 or A8 you should only use the 2 spacers on the bottom part with part no. starting with 4F0.
    Text on the spacer should be installed towards inside of the bonnet, how it’s described in page 3 of the manual.

    I wish this helps.

    1. Audi A6 Retrofit

      I wouldn’t say incorrect. I’ve used both spacers and washers are way more stable 🙂

  2. Jason Kol

    First and foremost, AMAZING site! My A6 is a better machine because of this site. And in the spirit of giving back, I’m providing feedback related to this retrofit.

    I can confirm that if you have an a6, you only use one adapter on each side. The adapter should be installed on the bottom side when the hood/bonnet is in the open position. I have experimented with one adapter and two adapters on each side and, with the second adapter installed, a gap is introduced between the sprayer assembly and the hood providing a means for water/salt/grime and other bad stuff to accumulate inside the hood. In addition, the additional adapter introduces too much pressure on the plastic-pressure clips of the jet assembly and in turn reduces the holding-in-place effectiveness of the assembly.

    I would recommend the removal of the second adapter for those of you that have done this retrofit mod on your A6’s.

    1. Audi A6 Retrofit

      I kinda used a bit of a brute force to stick in both 🙂 Maybe it wasn’t that smart but you can’t move those with a hammer now hahha

  3. Paul

    Does the A6 C6 have heated jets as standard? I like the sound of this heated upgrade, but I already have triple jet washers. Ia there a way I could check?


    MAN, my a4 is having a problem with the ac, it cold and then later hot air. and when is night time the interble in cold air encrease, but the hot air persis. i just bought this car and this car has this little problems but the other ones i am not worry about them. thanks for you reply.

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