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Audi Music Interface (AMI) Retrofit for A6 4F

If you want to play MP3 files from a flash drive, iPod or your mobile phone, the AMI (Audi Music Interface) is the best way to do that. It’s a relatively easy retrofit that will take you up to an hour depending on your skill level.Here is a list of the items and actions you need for this retrofit:

Important! AMI interfaces from A4, A5, Q5 are NOT compatible with A6 4F! If your unit part number starts with 8T0, it will not work with your car!

The Audi Music Interface Unit

Here’s how the unit looks. Unfortunately, Audi has discontinued selling this product in their official store mostly because the newer generation cars are now well connected to the Internet and use different system for the in-car entertainment. This is why, you should look for it on eBay or used cars shops.


Optic cable splitter

You need this cable in case you want to keep your CD Changer. Similar to our A6 4F Bluetooth Retrofit article, you have to split the MOST optical circle and add the AMI. It’s best practice to add the AMI before your Changer in the optical circle. Don’t buy cheap cables! This can cause your device sporadicly to stop working. It’s much better to use an optical cable from an old car or to buy a quality new one.


Power cable splitter

Once again, if you want to keep the CD Changer, you need to provide power to the AMI using a splitter cable. The power cable is srandard for all devices of that sort. That cable can be purchased either from an Audi dealership, eBay or other places. kabelsats

Device cable

AMI supports multiple devices including iPhone 4 and older, iPhone 5, iPod, Nokia, Samsung and many other phones including a regular AUX and a regular USB interface that you can put a USB memory into. Those cables are still being sold by Audi dealerships. You can find them in eBay too. Just get the one that fits your needs.


Glove box with space for two units (optional)

If you want to keep your CD Changer and don’t feel comfortable cutting your glove box, you can buy a new one with two slots. The correct part number is 4F1857035BF 6PS


CD Removal Tools

In case you want to remove the CD Changer and place the AMI in its slot, you need a set of stereo removal tools. They are very cheap and you should be able to get them from ebay or any Stereo shop around oyu.



There are two ways to do this – you can either replace your CD Changer (much easier), or you can add the AMI and keep the CD Changer.

If you want to replace the CD Changer

I recommend that you do this – there is no use of having a CD Changer when you have an AMI installed on your car. With a $10 USB flash drive you get 8GB or more to store MP3s that equal dozens CDs. Besides, the installation is much easier:

  1. Remove the glove box, there are three screws under it (stars) and three more when you open the glove box.
  2. Carefuly remove the cables from the CD Changer
  3. Use the stereo removal tool to remove the Changer
  4. Plugi the AMI in the CD Changer spot and connect the cables
  5. Assemble the glove box back

That’s it! You don’t need to code anything, the AMI will start working in the CD Changer’s place. Connect the device with the preferred cable and start using it

If you want to keep the CD Changer

If you want to keep the CD Changer, the installation is the same but you need to add another device in the MOST optic circle. You can do this with the optic and power cables. The images will help you a lot. However, you need to either cut the back of the glovebox or buy a new one that has two slots for two devices. There’s nothing special about that, just use a soldering device or really good carpet knife to cut the back of the glovebox so the AMI can fit next to the CD Changer. Once you fit in the AMI and connect the cables, you need to make some coding. Go to the CAN Gateway module and press the Installation List button on your VCDS software. Then, check the Media Device N2 to add a second player source to your car and hit Save. That’s it, you can now chose between your CD changer and the AMI.

202 thoughts on “Audi Music Interface (AMI) Retrofit for A6 4F”

  1. great Article but a quick question. Is the AMI for the A6 C6 with MMI 3G compatible with the MMI 2G, basically looking to take one out of a 2010 A6 and place it in a 2006 A6. Would that work (are they the same part number)?

  2. Hi,
    what a great site.

    I just fitted the DAB and AMI units to my Allroad. It was running a later software (5150), so the units appeared straight away. The DAB came straight on and is just waiting for me to finish the aerial connections. The AMI module however comes up as selectable, but nothing I plug into it seems to work or charge. It just says “this item my not be connected properly or may not be working correctly. Is there a chance that something still needs to be turned on with VAGCOM. I did update to 5570 as well just to be sure, but discs one and two didn’t need to update anything as the bits for the various updates on there all said no update required, latest installed. Only disc therefore was disc three which took it to 5570 which went fine but made no difference to AMI.

    I tried wiring it without any splitters in place of the CD changer, and again, it comes up, but no go. Tried a phone and three types of iPods, but nothing.

    Any advise gladly received.


    Allroad 3.0 TDI 2006 with MMI High

    1. What cables are you using with the AMI? If you’re trying to plug a mobile phone using an USB it won’t work, it’s designed to work only with flash drives.

      1. Hello men . Ive a serious problem with my Audi A6 4F 2007 cd changer . It has broken dont load any disk , and i was searching to replace with the same number but i didnt find the number 4E0 910 110 C , i found only 4E 0910 110 /A/B. Will they work if i replace with thouse ?
        I dont know why it dont have the ami port none in the glovebox none in handrest. If i cant replace it with those please tell me any cheap way except dension becouse it cost alot . Thx

  3. Hi,

    I found 4E0 035 785 A,B,C,D,E,F what shows the manufacture dates.
    4E0 035 785 G Example 05/05/2008 to 05/08/2008.
    The last caracters are important?
    Or all modules (4E0 035 785) are works with MMI 2G?

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  5. I have a 2005 A6, 4F. Will the 4E0 035 785 F work (MMI 2G)

    Thanks for an awesome site. It’s very helpful for those with ‘older’ A6’s..


    1. Remove the old one put the new one and go to an Audi dealer to remove the component protection if you’ve bought it second hand.

    2. If you are simply removing the existing CD changer, and replacing it with the AMI unit, it really is a direct swap.

      Remove CD changer, disconnect carefully the power and optical cables.
      Connect power and optical cables to AMI, slide into vacant spot where CD changer used to be.


      Please note that some of the CD changers are really quite tightly fitted, and can require removal of the glove box to push from behind. That was the case with my A6, which I did the job yesterday.

      1. My Audi dealer insists it couldn’t be done.
        My CD changer is located in the console in front (above the A/C controls).

        I couldn’t understand what you suggested about the component protection, but I’ve bought the car brand new. I don’t know what difference it makes, though.

      2. Same here. Tight like seized metal. Took full removal of the glove box and two of us to carefully apply pressure from the rear and pulling from the front.

  6. Was trying to update AMI with the AMI_update_080423.bin file downloaded from
    “The USB stick contains invalid Audi music interface software.Update not possible.Please remove USB stick.”
    Any ideas what went wrong?

  7. What’s the part number of the ami? i bought one looks exactly like that 1 but the plugs in the back of the CD changer don’t match any of the cords

  8. please explain more detail..for example AMI_update_080423.bin this one save directly to usb or how?because ? also get this “The USB stick contains invalid Audi music interface software.Update not possible.Please remove USB stick.” message..and ? had format fat 32.but still not working
    …thank you

  9. thank you for answer but still ? didnt fix my is trying to update but there is someting wrong.and also ? can not use my mmi trying to update.there is writing” the update was interrupted.please connect usb stick(while its connect) again.the audi music interface cannot be used until the update is succesfully”
    as you see now ? cannot use my mm?.
    please help

  10. i try another flash drive but also not working..(formatted FAT32)
    it says The USB stick contains invalid Audi music interface software.Update not possible.Please remove USB stick.”

    last information on dsplay is
    hw:C6-HU 6350D2.0
    FC SW:05071AFC6AB320060
    FC PS 0060 FC H01

    is there any reset for ami unit?please help!!!1

  11. Is this going to fit in A6 2006 Dec 3.0 TDI Q ? MMI 2G

    AUDI AMI MMi 2G Audi Music Interface 4E0 057 785 F – 4E0 035 785 F

  12. Hi,

    My car Has a cd player and a cd satnav in the glove box. I was. Wondering can I just change the cd player to a stereo that supports Bluetooth?

    1. There are third party AMI-like units like Grom or Dension. I am not fan of those but you may search the Internet for more info about them.

  13. Hi there,

    Congrats on you website, you give really helpful information and tips. I have a question if you could help. I have an audi a6 4f with MMI 2G, and the software is really old i guess 11.1.0 or something like this. The issue is that the CD changer is broken to update it, and i don’t know how to update in order to install AMI ? would it be possible to install AMI and from that run the update?

    Would really appreciate your help
    thanks in advance

    1. No, you need a CD-Rom. And the problem is that CD Changers have Component Protection so you need to remove that one too.

  14. Hi. I have an Audi 2008 A6 3.2. Looking for the AMI. Is this compatibsble?

    4E0 057 785 F

    I live in the US and see that your article references the 4E0 057 785 B. Is it the same? What’s the difference.

    Thanks for your help!

  15. Just wondering if the 4E0 057 785 F will work in my 2008 AUDI A6. I live in the U.S. I only see you referencing the 4E0 057 785 B

  16. Hi i have a A6 57 late I have the AMI with usb cable just tried to get nav fitted in boot but cant source the 8 pin power supply so removed the cd changer & installed nav in glovebox. Didnt realise my MMI might need updated is there another way of updating without reinstalling cd changer

  17. Hello, great website very helpful.
    I did this and all I got us a warning on the screen “your device may not be connected or operating properly”

    Ami #4E0 035 785 D.
    Car Audi A6 2006 U.S.
    Any idea?
    I tried a few different cables for the ami including the viseeo tune2air and is not reading any of them, any idea?
    Btw I did the update on the mmi system, any info will be appreciated. Thanks!

  18. Hi, looking for some help, I have purchased a used AMI 4E0 035 785 B – My car is a 2007 A6 Avant with 6 Disc changer, I am struggling to get the changer out at the moment but as a test unplugged the cables at the back and plugged into the AMI, when turning on all I get is a screen saying “the device is being initialized please wait. Pressing source goes to a black screen. Is this component protection? or something else? Thanks in advance!

  19. Hi, I have just tested a used AMI with part number 4E0 035 785 B in my 2007 A6 Avant, I am just doing a direct swap for the changer but when I swap the fibre optic over and power the MMI just says “Initialising device please wait” and if I click source the AMI is not listed, there is nothing to choose from. I only have the USB AMI cable and it doesn’t seem to matter if there is a flash drive connected or not. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in Advance!

  20. Hi there! just wonder if 5N0 035 342B fit my 05 a6 3.0 tdi quattro c6 UK? should be mmi 2G, I am not sure if it is basic or high, but it with 6cd changer and GPS.

  21. Hi, I have an 2010 A6, and I think I have the MMI 3G Basic installed. Will 4E0 035 785 B (or F) work with my vehicle?


    1. Not sure, really, I’ve done it only on 2G systems. Most probably not because the 3G ones are usually fitted with sd cards

  22. Hi there, great write up but struggling to find the splitter cables so I can fit the AMI in parallel with the 6-Disc CD Changer, could you point me to where these can be purchased?

    Kind Regards,


  23. Hi,

    Great site I am retro fitting Sat, Name and AMI and couldnt even start without your help.

    I have a 2009 Q7 and dealer told me that retro fit couldnt be done. for nav.

    will the ami 4E0 035 785 B fit in my Q7 in place of the 6 disk changer ?

    And you wouldnt happen to have a part number for the Nav module I need , would you ?

    Thanks again for everything.

    1. I think Q7 is fitted with a 3G system which means that the AMi will not work. If it has MMI2G though – then it will work, just plug it in 🙂

  24. I have a question. I have a 2015 A5 no navi system and I’d like to play my music on my Samsung s5. I see the cable for an Ipod what do I have to do to play music in the car from my s5? so frustrating that audi doesn’t accommodate those who do not use apple.

  25. Hi,

    Where can I find “The Audi Music Interface Unit (part number 4E0 035 785 B)”?

    On eBay all The AMI’s start with 8T0 which does not fit my A6 4f 2010 with 3G MMI.

    Happy if you could piont me in the right direction.

    Best regards


  26. HELP! my cd changer is dead, I want to replace it with AMI but my MMI is 2120 version and I have read that I need to update it so I could retrofit AMI. But I can’t update my MMI ’cause my cd changer is dead 🙁 Is there any other way to update my MMI beside via CD changer? Maybe via VAG COM?

  27. Hi,

    Thanks for a great site.

    I have a 2007 A6 Avant. I bought a 4E0 035 785 F, but got some problems.
    The connectors on the cables dont fit with the sockets in the back of the AMI. The optical is ok, but the power cable does not match.

    Did I buy a wrong module? Anything I can do except to return the module?

  28. Hi. Does Ami 4E0 035 785 fits to Audi a6 c6 2006? I got a usb cable from ebay 4F0 051 510 Q, connected AMI to my car. When trying to update Ami it says The USB stick contains invalid Audi music interface software.Update not possible.Please remove USB stick.”

  29. Will this same unit (4E0035785F) work in a 2007 Audi A8L? If not, which part # should I be looking for? Thanks, great information!

  30. the link for AMI_update_080423.bin is not working
    can you provide a working link please

    Thank you for the great website its awesome!!

  31. Hi. I have 2008 Audi A5 and my ami need update., is there a way to download it with english instructions ? I found the link but it’s all I dutch and I’m confused don’t know where to download it

  32. I have a 2009 Audi TTS roadster and I just purchased a RNS-E Navigation plus radio from a 2014 Audi TTS on ebay. I installed the newer RNS-E unit in the car and its works perfectly. I now have the original cd-changer in the glove box. I want to replace it with a CAN AMI IPOD connector unit. Which part do I need? OEM 8T0 035 785 B? and how do I connect it since the harness for the cd changer is different I think?

  33. I successfully installed AMI in my A6 Allroad 2007 and it works with both AUX and USB if I plug in 2GB USB stick. But if I plug in microSD->USB adapter with 32GB microSD card in it, it says something about not being able to recognize the device. On the SD card there are 540 folders and around 5000 files (in case there are some limitations I am not aware of). Can you please let me know what could be the problem? Does AMI support FAT32?

    1. Yes, it does support Fat32 but probably there’s a folder limit… It’s an old tech after all, Audi don’t even produce it anymore.

  34. It’s me again. I have updated my MMI to the latest version and then fitted the AMI. Aux in works ok but when I put usb I got a message that I need to update my AMI. Where can I find update file for AMI?

  35. Hello,

    I’m having a very hard time finding this part number. I live in Canada and I’m really looking to have this mod done! Any suggestions?

    1. here there is model A, i don’t know if it is good for you

  36. Hi!
    This is a great page. Thanks for your work.
    I have problems to find the update containing the file AMI_update_080423.bin on the Audi webpage (even though my mother tongue is German), nor could I find it somewhere else. Could it have been replaced by the “Audi music Interface online”?
    Thanks! Adrian

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  38. Great!!!! Finally all works
    I bought 4E0 035 785 D (on label is written D, whereas in menu MMI i read F, that strange).
    AMI seen immediately connected with the splitter cables, but iPhone NOT working!
    I updated MMI from 5550 to 5570.
    Usual sequence:
    Cd1 upgrade
    Cd2 uprgade
    Cd2 uprgade again
    cd3 uprade
    Cd1 upgrade again.

    Iphone still NOT working.

    Then I put the file AMI_update_080423.bin on USB key, connected to the AMI and made starting upgrade.

    Finally music from iPhone6 !!!!

    Thank you, really thanks to the author of this site and its guides!
    I will make a donation!

    here can find the upgrade AMI .bin

  39. hi, i am trying to update my mmi to work with my new ami unt on my 06 a6, i have avery oldversion and the only update cd i can find is to 5570, i have just read that i cant jump straight to 5570 as my software eeds to be 5510 or later to do the update, any ideas ?

      1. I did! I even removed the glove box, then I got so desperate that I started hitting the back of the cd changer with a hammer, with the removal keys shoved all the way in. Still wouldn’t budge. I’ve since given up and taken the car to a mechanic for a service and to change the unit. He still has it.

  40. hi ive got 2004 a6 c6 its 54 reg so newer shape big grill will 8T0 035 785 ami work on my unit got colour screen sat nav etc cd changer in glove don’t want that I want usb or work from usb to mini usb on my htc m8 if not can you tell me unit I need and if I need to code or update or just install/plug in place using changers wires many thanks

  41. Hi great site you have here! so i just bought the audi a4 b8 2008/08 withe the colour display mmi so i think it is the mmi2g high right? so witch ami part no do i need? the 8T0 one?

  42. Allright thank you very much! just bought one on ebay, but its without the optical fibre cables, so i have the cd charger in the middle of the dashboard console, witch splitter cable do i need to hook it up togheter with the cd player?

  43. Actually i think i bought the wrong one, the 8T0 is the CAN version, does my car have the CAN version? it has the MMI 2G high with NAVI isn’t that a MOST version with the optical wire’s ??? i’m confused…

  44. i have a audi a6 2005 model with mmi basic plus 2g…will it be compatible with the ami cable?…if yes then i should remove the cd player from the back?

  45. I have downloaded the update from the german audi site as via a link adrian put. will it change the language to german or will it stay English? stupid question I guess its not going to change it, but just want to make sure thanks.

  46. Hi I bought a 4E0 035 785 D and the usb lights up but the screen just says CD is not installed. do I need to program something in? Thanks

  47. Hi. I have an Audi Q7 2007 with MMI 2G Basic SW version 0410.
    Looking to replace the stock CD Changer under the central armrest since it’s defective anyway.

    I saw a good deal on a 4E0 035 785 B. Based on the research I’ve done (including your awesome site) I guess this will fit, but do you think I will have to update my MMI fw?


  48. Hello i just bought the ami part no 8T0035785A will this not fit in my audi a6 c6 2007 with mmi high and bose sound system? I read on the audi forum that i should work, but here it says it wont work. Im confuesed…

    1. It will NOT work. It is for Audi A3, A4, Q7. You need model for A6, A8 or Q7!!! If the module starts with 8T0 IT WILL NOT WORK ON A6!!!

      1. Eivind Holtskog-Berg

        Thanks, I figued. I managed to cancel the order and bought one with part nr 4E0035785B. This will work? Should i update the mmi to the newest verison before i insert the ami? Should i update the ami to the newest version aswell? Thanks 🙂

  49. hello i am going to buy ami. So i have one question will 4E0035785 D will work in audi a6 c6? and do i have to update anything? my mmi is up to date (5570).

  50. Eivind Holtskog-Berg

    Do the mmi need to have a specific software version to work with the ami? Mine says in software: c6-hu 34.5.0 0632. Is this to old?

  51. Hello!
    Bought myself ami mmi 2g for a6 2006, done update plug it in it showing that devise active but can`t see any usb. Any advise on that?

  52. Hi, I recently bought a 2010 a6 with MMI 3G (DVD/2xSD/6xCD). My wife’s A5 has an AMI unit but my new car doesn’t. I’m looking for a BT streaming solution and I was hoping to swap out the CD stacker for an AMI unit. Is this possible? Thanks for this.

  53. Hi, can anybody tell me if there is a newer version of my A6 mmi 4E0035652A 2010 that has stopped working. The audi garage have said it needs replacing but at ?2450.00 this seems a bit steep.

  54. Just ordered an AMI for my 07 Audi A6 Avant 2G MMI high. Can you recommend anywhere to source the optical and power splitter cables as I’m having problems finding them – the only ones I’ve found are all ?50 or higher.

    Thank you

  55. Great site!! Just putting together all the bits I need to do the upgrade. Firstly the mmi update.

    I’ve seen a used ami with part no. 4E0 035 785 F but it came out of an A8….will this be OK to use with my A6?

    Many thanks,

  56. Does it works for my Audi A6 4F Bj 2006 . :Org Audi R8 Coupe Spyder AMI 420035785 Can Audi Music Interface Audio

  57. hi I have a audi a6 avant 2006 and I want to install ami but I have cd player and cd chager what I do please need help

  58. Hello everyone,
    I have a 2010 A6 4F with MMI 3G High, HDD, 2 SD slots, bluetooth, CD changer and DVD. I retrofitted it with a AMI cable without removing the cd changer ( the cables plugged in the back). 1 hour installation, made the changes in the hidden menu…. but… not I get an AUX entry that was not there previously, playback from my Iphone works perfectly, but there’s no trackinfo displayed on the screeen – just says Aux- unknown. In the setup manual it said I should do the the VAS programming in the beginning, but seeing how my tech guy was on vacatin, I skipped it. Could this be the cause why there’s no playback info displayed?
    Thank you for the help 🙂

    1. Sebastian, did you say you got an AMI cable and plugged it into the back of the CD changer? Is there a plug for that in the back of the CD changer? Can you explain this a little bit better for me?

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  60. installed 4E0 035 785 F into my 2005 audi a6 3.2q and plugged it in and it said cd player not didnt i need a software upgrade?if so how do i go about getting one?

  61. Hi, Mine is a 2009 Audi A6, 3.2 Quattro SLine with Bose Speakers. It has only a CD changer in the glove box compartment. I want to replace the CD changer and have the AMI installed. Can you please help me if my car supports the AMI. Vin number is WAUDH64F39N000521

  62. hey actualy i got both of them. cd changer and ami. if i have that i think i just need the update of the ami to have that? it`s an audi a6 2008.

  63. Please help. I have installed my AMI unit, everything seems to work but I cannot find a copy of the AMI_update_080423.bin file anywhere on the internet. Do I need it?

    Also can I use the AMI and the USB cable/flash drive to update my MMI software or do I have to remove the AMI unit and install the CD player to update. I was having a problem updating the BT software last time I ran the update from the CD.

    Thanks for all the information on your blog.

  64. Hey I’ve tried several bluetooth adaptors on my AMI with MMI 2G. The devices light up and pairs to my android phone, but the screen just says “Your device may not be connected or operating properly.” I’ve tried a few usb cables and a different phone. I’m on software version 5570, using the genuine 4f0 051 510 J Bluetooth Adaptor and the 4F0 051 510Q ami-usb cable.

    I’m running out of ideas. Do I need a VCDS change?

  65. Hello everybody,
    I have A6 C6 (4F) 2005 with mmi basic plus (monochromatic screen) is there any chance to connect AMI by:
    – plug to my CD player or
    – can I replace them?

  66. Hi I have a A6 2008 all road I am wanting to replace the CD changer with a AMI unit but the CD changer has a fault it’s playing for just 2 seconds then stopping then playing again for 2seconds, I am conserned that the fault will transfer to the AMI if it’s not a problem with the changer, thanks in advance Andy.

  67. Hi Great write up and info provided here,thanks. Ive a 07 A6. I know Ive to update SW from 27.4.0 to have AMI work. All the AMI devices listed so far are 4E0035785…. Ive found a newer AMI 4E0035664 with 2 SD slots. would this work because its still 4E? or is it CAN not MOST

  68. Hello. I have a 2011 s line special edition. It has the cd changer with sd card slots and also has DVD based sat nav, both fitted in the glove box. I was looking for the part you suggested on eBay and emailed someone about if they have it. They asked me for the reg number then came back to me and said:

    “LR11 OAY – WAUZZZ4F9BN061821 – 3G DVD+6CD

    Hello. Your car has the 3G system which means you will not be able to swap your CD changer for the AMI.

    You can install the 3G AMI and keep your CD changer working but this requires special equipment to activate it.

    It’s not something you can install yourself.

    Once you have the AMI, you can add a Bluetooth dongle which will make it wireless so you can stream audio via Bluetooth.

    We can supply and install everything for you for ?475 if you come to us”

    Are they telling me the truth? All of the queries on here so far seem to be about older A6’s. Thanks for your help

    1. You just need the appropriate MMI 3G AMI. You can always swap the changer, it’s an optic circle and power – that’s all!

    2. Matt,
      I have the same model and year. I’ve installed a 4E0 035 785 B and made sure that AMI is active through the green software menu. The AMI is not recognised, I expect because it’s a 2G AMI and I need a 3G spec.
      Have you resolved your issue? Have you found an AMI model that works with your 2011 A6?
      Keen to find a 2011 A6 that’s had success with this conversion.

  69. hey man, I have an audi a5 10.2007 with the MMI 2G High system. will the AMI work on my car? and if the code 8T0 035 785A of the AMI is right for my car??

  70. Hello, I’ve just bought an Audi A6 from 2005 with MMI High. I don’t see any AMI ports or cables but It has a CD Changer in the glove box though. So I wondered if I’m able to just switch out the CD Changer with the AMI module, without having to use other cables and such?

    Thanks in advance

  71. [QUOTE=DanCam]I have been following your posts about the Tegra MMI upgrade but unfortunately I subscribed to the post but I am not allowed reply. I have an A6 2016 with RCM and after buying the Parts on eBay, this weekend I decided to install the parts. Unfortunately I think I am at the same place when Los Cuentos added the pictures of his dashboard. The screen does come out and the nav, radio, media, etc…do not response. I checked VCDS in the Electronic 1, I click on the Navigation option but I got a communication error. I am attaching the connections that I did, any help will be highly appreciated.


    Not?: I made some modifications to make the pink kafra connector to fit in the gray plug on the new MIB2.


  72. I have a 2006 A6. I upgraded my MMI software to 4610, purchased an AMI (4E0 035 785 B) off ebay, installed it, and tried to use a bluetooth dongle for AMI, which does not appear to be powered. Should I expect power to a device plugged into the AMI box? I’ve read conflicting claims.

  73. I read all the responses to various problems, but your advice or response never addresses this problem. Can you give me some advice what do do next to resolve? Thanks, Joe

    I have the Tune2Air BT adapter on the AMI. AMI is in place of the CD changer The devices light up and pairs to my I phone 5, but the screen just says “Your device may not be connected or operating properly.”

    HELP Please!

  74. Hi I have an Audi Q7 2007 model with mmi 2G high. I want to remove the cd multiplayer from the dash and replace with an AMI. What AMI model number do I need to buy and after I plug it in will the system need to be recoded?

  75. Ok I have A6 C6 4F
    And have put an 4E0035785F music interface in with a Tune2air but it’s not showing up on the mmi it says the tine2air connected to my iPhone 6
    Any help many thanks

  76. That’s it! You don’t need to code anything, the AMI will start working in the CD Changer’s place. Connect the device with the preferred cable and start using it

    Mine DOES NOT work ……
    When I go into media source it list
    SD card 1
    SD card 2 (both in orange)
    AMI No device connected ( in gray)

  77. Hi, I have a 2006 Audi A6 with 2G High MMI running Software Version 1190. I just ordered AMI 4E0 035 785 B. Will I need to update my MMI SW from 1190 to 4610 or higher or will it simply plug/play as it is? Thanks for a great site btw.

  78. Bought AMI of Ebay with USB cable. But when connected everything AMI didn’t showed up at all. It apears that my MMI software was 5.00. I had to update all my car to 5570 version. After that AMI showed up on source selection screen. But when USB stick was connected it said that device is not recognized and that AMI needs update. So what I did just Connected my cd changer back with AMI still in place, And updated Car software again. After that AMI was updated to latest version. And now everything is good. AMI updates from one of the Update cd’s provided here. Hope that helps for others to save some time.

    Don’t use that AMI update file form german site as I heard it might brick you AMI unit.
    Use Update CD’s that are provided for download in this site.
    And I’m not responsible for any damage to your car if something goeas wrong, do it at your own risk.

  79. Does anyone tried to fit units 8T0 which is not fit to changing cable first? is it possible? the price difference are so high that I’m thinking is there a possibility to change not just a module but module with cables.????
    price 50$ vs 300$ is pretty dam big difference 🙁

  80. hi hoping you can help as i retrofitted the ami into my a6 and the mmi sees it and uses it but cannot connect to it and the changer via vcds now
    i could connect and read any fauts on the changer before
    did read about moving the neutral on the ami to another pin but it didnt say which one to move it to make the ami media player number 2 ?

    1. It does not require VCDS coding, you simply see it as new source of multimedia. Probably a faulty unit or you tried to use A4 version on an A6 car.

  81. I followed this blog instruction.
    It seemed to be sucesseful for me to install AMI device(4E0035785B) into my audi A6 c6 but I faced a problem saying “your decice may not be conected or operating properly” on my MMI.
    Does anybody know if AMI installed has a problem or not.

  82. Great thread! Reading through the instructions I got pretty excited thinking I could upgrade my MMI 2G basic plus until I got halfway down the Q&A and realised that it won’t work with the 4E0 035 785. Are you aware of any upgrade unit I can use for my 2008 A6?

    1. I would update the iPod rather than downgrading the MMI. It is doable but not straight forward process. It’s done through emergency update, you can google it.

  83. I’ve just fitted the ami in space of the CD changer it shows it’s there but my tune2air device doesn’t seem to power up ?

  84. Hi, as far as I understand the AMI itself doesn’t have component protection, so I can buy second hand one just plug it and should work, or should I get it to Audi dealer to remove component protection?

  85. Hi i have A6 allroad 4F 07 mod mmi 2 high. i have retrofited AMI module that work fine .
    but my question is can i get the title and traks on the screen . i use Android and spotyfi
    whit a usb dongele . “bava 1000” its A2DP

      1. Hi and thanks for anser 🙂 i use a BOVEE1000 Bluetooth streaming device .
        i can change tracks but i dont get any info abute title or else.
        i use Samsung Android and spotify.

        1. hi!
          have you relly got the bluetooth to wortk with AMI? i have tried everything but it would not accept the bluetooth device. i have never tested bovee1000 but tune2air. i thought they was equial ! My AMI work fine with IPOD, it charges the phone, but it pause the music when i start?
          Any help is would be great!
          Thanks Morten Norway

  86. Hi, great site. Thanks for all the information, very helpful!

    I have a 2011 A6 4F with MMI High and want to remove my CD changer and replace with an AMI unit to allow iPod access etc.
    I have searched around on eBay for an AMI unit and have noticed you mention the AMI MOST, but there is also an AMI CAN…

    I’m looking at buying a used unit with part number 420 035785 HW: 08, which is an AMI CAN? Will this work as described above? Or do I need a ‘MOST’ unit?


  87. I havee audi a6 2005 and i a got ami module for free from audi a6 2007.Is this moduel have cp or not.And my software is 11.0.1.Is that mean that i must update mmi to read usb drive.Thanks

  88. Hello,Nice website you have.I have one question about instalation(retrofit) Ami unit in my audi A6.I have audi A6 4f 2005 year.That car has MMI2G High.I have only cd Changer that can read only Audio disc.I get one module of ami for free(my friend send me gift,that module is from audi avant a6 4f 2007).Can i install this module in my car.Does need CP removing or not,and can i used this module to listen mp3 music from usb drive.My Version of mmi is 11.0.1(do i need update before instalation or not.)Thanks…

    1. READ the darn page. 2005 A6 C6 4F with MMI2 High uses MOST bus. 4E0 035 785 B or F are AMI modules with a MOST bus.

      You need to update your MMI to 4610 in U.S. before installing AMI module.

      The 8T0 035 785 units are for CAN bus vehicles. They will NOT connect to MOST bus vehicles!!
      Quit asking the same question over and over and just read the post/comments.

      Use VCDS to turn on MEDIA 2 in Gateway module

  89. Great site, I’ve found it very useful.

    For posterity, I wanted to comment about the AMI unit with part no. ‘4E0035785A’ and answer a question that’s been asked a couple of times in the comments:

    It will work in an A6. I have just successfully fitted AMI unit ‘4E0035785A’ which was out of a 2008 A5.

    It was also considerably cheaper (on eBay) than ‘B’ and ‘F’ suffix parts.

  90. HI
    every one who get message “your decice may not be conected or operating properly” , try some older usb device up to 4gb
    I get message and after changing 10 diferent usb finaly got the right on, now work everi time

  91. Hi,

    I need suport to install an android display to my Audi a6 2009 2.7TDI without AUX and AMI. In order to make the android working I need to add AMI first but I’m not an expert…can someone tell me the right part number? The android module is designed to work with the original amplifier (with optical fiber). The only thing that doesn’t work is the audio. The communication with CAN work well.

    Thanks for your time!


  92. Hi bought a unit without a letter designation which does transfer sound into the fibre optic system via an aux connector but the newer iPhones connected will not transfer sound. If there is not a letter designation at all would this stop newer devices working or is this just a cable issue potentially? Thanks

  93. Hi, bought D designated AMI according to the eBay seller but it appears that has no letter designation. Yours specifically says B but I note others have got other letter designations working ok. Does the AMi have to B or above for this to work? Thanks

  94. Hi, i have a question, I found an AMI unit from ebay, and replaced my CD Changer with the AMI MOST, it’s is working correctly, but every time I start the car, it’s displaying “Installing new device”, and not always finding the AMI, but displays ” No CD Changer found”. After I remove the optic fiber cable, and power supply, and connect it again, it starts working properly, until the next start of the car. Is there any need of coding or something.

  95. Hi all, just finished the AMI (4E0035785) retrofit. I have to thank all of you because of your comments and thoughts I was able to complete the job successful after I almost gave up. Two notes if you are installing (4E0035785) you have to run the update again from cd3 and select to update AMI, if you don’t have the second connection, just hock it insead of the radio module, perform the updated and then but I he radio back and replace the CD changer with the AMI. The AMI has no protection, but if you are buying any issue earlier than (4E0035785B) then you will need to update it as explained.

  96. Hello, I purchased AMI 4E0 035 785B and installed it in place of the CD changer. When turning on the MMI I get this message “CD/TV not installed”. If I replace the CD Changer all works as it should. Is there any coding in the MMI needed or do I have a faulty unit?


  97. Figured out the AMI and all is working. The software version 2740 does not support the AMI. Once I updated the firmware to 4610 the AMI was recognized.

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