Although most of 4G cars have a reverse camera, mine doesn’t. It has a perfectly good back and front PDC which is more than enough for me but there wasn’t much else to tinker on the car so here it is. It’s fairly easy retrofit and the most dificult part is the wiring as usual.

Parts Required

There are several parts you need for this:

  • Module – the A6 part number is 4G0907441 but you can use a module from A8 – 4h0907441 – whatever you find cheaper from eBay, or at least that’s what I did.
  • Camera – camera number is 7P6827566 but you can get a cheap China clone which is actually better than the original one. I got the original one since I got a “kit” from ebay, but many people write that they’re replacing their Audi-fitted cameras with the chinese ones which are super cheap (check in aliexpress).
  • Wiring Harness – got one from Kufatec. It’s just not worth the hassle to do your own cables or bother stripping it of another car.

Wiring and Assembly

Here’s a diagram that will show you what goes where. Of course, kufatec will not send you manuals so you can buy their overprised full kits and even more overprised coding dongles, so here it is:

  1. Camera Module
  2. Camera
  3. Link to the parking module
  4. Power and ground
  5. Link to the MMI unit in the front

The assembly is simple but requires the removal of a number of panels. My car is Avant, so the parking module is in the rear – back of the car. Here’s how you to link it 1 – Camera, 2, 4 – Can & Parking Module connection, 3 – MMI Unit link.

Here’s where to link the cable in the MMI unit.

Link the CAN in the trunk in the usual location. Pin 21 – Low, Pin 22 – High, if there are wires there, splice them and link to it.

The power is easy, you will see good grounding point, with few brown wires already grounded there. Until 2014 – link to the permanent positive, after 2015 you must use ignition lead power location. Just use a multimeter and link to a location you find appropriate.


The easiest way to do it is through the green menu. Just go through the car installation list, enable the camera and then in the cardiagsettings enable it to visualize. That’s it 🙂

Last, you may need to calibrate your camera. That should be done in an official Audi dealer. Check if there’s a camera error for the calibration after you’re done with the setup to see if it is necessary.

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  1. Matti

    Thanks for the helpful write up! I have just ordered parts for RMC EU system without parking sensors to my A6 4G. The question is should I purchase camera with PAL or NTSC standard? The 4H0907441A I ordered comes from the US, but I do not know if that matters or not. Would you be able to help?

    1. Audi A6 Retrofit

      Not sure

  2. Alan

    Hi. This is a super useful post. I think I’ll probably do this myself. Quick question – are there any special tools necessary for say, removing interior pieces or the like? I’ve got a decent set of general purpose tools, but would hate to get properly involved in a project like this and then realize I need a specialized tool to make things lots easier for myself. Cheers!

    1. Audi A6 Retrofit


      1. Frankie

        Hi thanks for getting back to me. I might have a few more questions, sorry. So I was hoping to do this retrofit on a 2013 c7 Avant. Got your suggested A8 module off our favourite auction site, still in transit and ordered a cable from Kufatec like you suggested. I read online that it won’t work with the MMI RMC which is what I have. Do you know if that’s correct? Can you swop it over to the 3? Thanks

        1. Mick

          Natively I don’t believe the RMC can handle video (there are no inputs on the RMC unit). this is what the control/camera module is for. It decodes the signals from the camera and allows the RMC to display them using the new wiring loom that comes from the kit.
          I’m based in the UK and am also looking at retrofitting my 2016 A6 (RMC) with a reverse camera.
          I’ve been looking at this kit as it seems to comes to the same price and buying the parts individually on ebay:

  3. Branko

    Hey, do you have some link to chinese camera clone?

  4. Eduard

    Hy guys this it`ll work this module 4G0907441 B ?????

    1. Michael

      Hi, I’ve done this retrofit to an Audi C7 2013 RMC and can confirm that module works

  5. Eduard

    You should specify that these components you`ll need them only for cars with 3g mmi,for example if the a6 is from 2015 and is facelift you don t need the module,only the camera and the loom

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