In this post we will show you how to retrofit the original Audi A6 4F xenon headlights on a car with the regular halogen headlights. We will add the regular bi-xenon headlights without automatic leveling or corner turning. This is the easiest way to get xenon headlights on your Audi A6 4F car.

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Most of you will probably get your headlights from eBay. If you do this, there are two general types of headlights that are for sale – bare headlights that don’t have ballasts, bulbs or igniters, and full kits. It’s up to you to decide which will best fit your needs.


When choosing headlights, make sure they are clear and they don’t have any broken fixation holes. However, if you can get a good deal, you can safely purchase headlights with broken fixation planks because Audi sell repair kits for roughly 25€. Those kits do great job and are very easy to install.

If you’re buying second hand headlights, you need to recycle your reflectors. I recommend that you polish them too and add a 3M VentureShield protective foil on top of your headlights. Note, that you can’t do those tasks at home and you need to ask a local expert that provides such services.


You should get either Phillips or Osram D2S Xenon bulbs. The original Audi Xenon system works with bulbs, that operate on 4200 Kelvins. Everything above that number will have a more or less blueish colouring, lowering the quality of the light beam and making your car look like you’ve installed an aftermarket xenon system.


This is how the igniters look (Part N: 5DD 008 319 – 50) they should be placed after the bulb is installed in the headlight.


Although there are aftermarket ballasts, that can be used, you should always go for the original Hella ballasts (Part N: 5DV 006 530 )


It’s recommended that you purchase an adaptor from eBay like this one. It’s cheaper than Kufatec’s cable but the quality is the same if not better. It is much, much easier than if you decide to add cables to the original connector. In addition to the adaptor, there are 4 cables that you need to connect to your Central Electric module which is located under your steering wheel. Check out the diagram to see where to connect the different cables.

  • Right headlight – dipped/main beam control – add to the 32 pin connector ( C on the diagram ) pin 16
  • Left headlight – dipped/main beam control – add to the 32 pin connector ( C on the diagram ) pin 6
  • Right headlight – DRL control – add to the 10 pin connector ( A on the diagram ) pin 1
  • Left headlight – DRL control – add to the 10 pin connector ( A on the diagram) pin 6


In order to replace your headlights you need to remove your front bumper first. There are 3 bolts that are used for adjustment of the headlights. Once you remove them, you should be able to remove the connector that goes to the headlights. Install the new ones using the adaptors, install the cables that should enter the car interiour through a hole in the top-right part of the area under your bonnet. Here’s a detailed instruction on how to replace the headlights:

Headlights Installation

Central Electrics Modul

You need to replace your existing Central Electrics Module with a new one with Part N: 4F0 907 279 К. The module is located under your steering wheel and it’s replacement is trivial. Note that it has component protection and you need to visit a certified Audi dealer to get it removed. This is how the module looks like:



Depending on your car you need to re-code the 09 Central Electronics module. Choose the option that best fits your particular configuration. If you plan on using LED bulbs for your DRLs, choose option 6.

  • 0xx?xxxHeadlight Type
    • 2 = Bi-Xenon Headlights
    • 3 = Bi-Xenon Headlights with AFS
    • 4 = Bi-Xenon Headlights w/o Headlight Washer System
    • 5 = LED Daytime Running Lights with Headlight Washer System
    • 6 = LED Daytime Running Lights w/o Headlight Washer System



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  1. Julien


    I’m switching from AFS to non-AFS headlight housing. Do I have anything else to do than just
    – switching the ballast
    – recoding from 3 to 2
    – removing afs module

    Do you know if the headlight housing cable and central electric module is the same from afs to non-afs ?

    Thank you

    1. Audi A6 Retrofit

      Yes, it’s the same. You can just remove the module, that’s it. By the way why are you doing this?

      1. Julien


        I did my headlight replacement but it shows me on the dash an AFS error. I’m also unable to recode from 3 to 2 in the 09 module (coding rejected). I ordered a 8P0 907 357(lwr) to replace the 4F0 907 357 (afs) but I think I will need to recable the pin.

        The main reason why I change from afs to non-afs is because I really hate the hella projector and the afs is vibrating on road easily. It’s much more easier to replace the projector inside the non-afs with the evox-r one. Take a look at the output :

        1. Audi A6 Retrofit

          I would simply remove it and fix it staticly. It wont move automatically, but if you’re not climbing mountains often with the car it’s not THAT much of a deal anyway.

          1. Julien

            I’ll give you update once I receive the module (I’ll post a diy once I’ll get no error ). The output is outstanding.

  2. Jim

    Is the connector at the back of the halogen headlight assembly the same as the connector on the hella xenon projector assembly?

    I’m assuming yes since that’s why you need the adaptor and new central electrics module. Also assuming there is no way around having to get the central electronics module replaced without doing a hack job on the wiring?

    1. Audi A6 Retrofit

      The connector is the same but each has 2 pins less thus the connector. You can manually connect the wires and add pins if you don’t want to use the adaptor. However, that’s not so clean and the adaptor is not that expensive so I wouldn’t go and hack around it.

  3. Vadim

    Julien, I want also to change from AFS to non-AFS headlight. Can you please describe more detailed what I have to do?

    1. Julien

      Yes, I have a vacation week in 1 week. I’ve been busy since the past months. I’ll try to fix the dipped error.

      1. Get a pair of non-afs headlight. The only difference is from the back trap where you see the projector. The afs have two vertical aluminum bracket (left and right of the projector) and the non-afs do not have this.

      2. Next, replace the projector with HELLA EVOX-R (check on The projector is easy the remove from the housing. You clearly see the screws compare to the afs model.

      3. Get on the same site a d2s extender. and

      4. Remove the bumper : and swap the headlight. (dont remove it completely, just unhook and let it rest on a 1feet box).

      5. The headlights should work perfectly except warning dipped light on the dis, level motor not working and low beam way to high.

      6. From now, I did manually level down the headlight with the top white screw on both headlight. Advice : adjust the headlight before replacing the bumper.

      7. That’s where I am right now. There’s a module called : 4F0 907 357 that must be replace with 8P0 907 357 which is behind the glove box. The problem, it doesn’t fit right in. I’ll give you update in two weeks. When it’s gonna work, I’ll get the level motor, the warning light and the headlight washer to work again. I’m not really a car mecanic, I’m just a web developper and I’m doing this for fun.

      I took a few shots and I’ll make a post about that and follow you the link.

      1. Juke


        I’m planning to do the exact same thing, but have still hesitated because of the problem of getting AFS error on DIS.

        Have you reached to a working solution? Did you change the modules? Did it fix it?


        1. Audi A6 Retrofit

          What problem? Just don’t code your car with AFS.

          1. Julien

            I didn’t had to time the remap the cable and I’m a little bit scare the broke the cable. My cars has the afs coded from factory. I trying to find how to tell him to forget the afs-lever and recognize the leveler of the regular xenon. I tried to contacted audi germany and bosch and I didnt received an answer about that. btw I tried to recode the headlight module on vcds for afs -> non-afs but it tells me “coding rejected”. why?

          2. Juke

            The problem seems to be that when the car has factory installed AFS lights and these are then exchagned to regular Bi-Xenon, the car is still expecting to an AFS system, but it’s not there any more and thus appears the AFS error on the Drivers Information System display.

            Coding with VCDS does not have any effect. Now Julien and few others have came to an idea that when the AFS control module behind the glove box is changed to the regular one, the car no more looks or expects the AFS and thus no more error. But I have not received any comfirmation if it will actually work or are the more modules that need to be swapped.

            From the answer below, by Julien, it seems that it is not enough. If I understand correctly.

          3. Julien

            Yes, you’re right and I have both glove box modules. The gray one (regular bi-xenon) doesn’t fit in the blue plug (come with blue module afs). The cable mapping is a little bit different. I ordered a new plug from audi and now I need to dissemble the blue plug, put a label on every cable, remap in the right holes of the gray plug. Here’s a comparaison of both modules :

          4. Juke

            WOW, thats a PITA. Who would of thought that even when the plugs are physically the same, the pin-outs are not. It would be understandable when the main connections are the same and some additional pins add to the vacant places. But these are totally different.

            It also seems that there are connections on the non AFS version (SMR/PH… etc) which are totally missing from the AFS version. So how do you know which pins to realign? Would the car know what signals to send or expect? This seems harder than I thought.

          5. Julien

            It seems complicated but here’s the mapping I “guessed” that’s what I’m supposed to try.

            I think SMR stand for Supply Module Right but I’m not sure and sub-CAN for the left-to-right motor of afs. I bought myself a labelwriter and I’ll take picture and label every cable before swapping the plug. I showed the pin assignment in my audi dealer in montreal and they dont have the knowledge from their reaction lol.

          6. Juke

            Any luck with the cable swap yet, Julien? Are you still driving around with the DIS error?

          7. Julien

            I realized the repin wont work because the non-afs leveler cables merge from many pin to only 1 so it’s hard for me to split my 1 cable into multiple pins. I also realized that my old afs headlights was made of soft butyl scellant. I’ll attempt to bake and open my headlights and retrofit the evoxr inside it this spring and I’ll see if I can finally make it work. I’ve been able to get my hands of official electric plan from the non-afs and afs and it looks like two different car. It looks very complex and a swap from afs to non-afs doesn’t look easy without replacing a tons of cables. I’ll update this spring when the afs to afs with evoxr will be done.

  4. Finn

    I have a Audi A6 4f 2006 model with bixenon and going to change into oem a6 2010 headlights with led.
    I have the complete headlight with ballast and have plugged it in.
    Do I need any more parts than recoding it with vag-com?I have not coded it yet
    The led lights does not work

    1. Audi A6 Retrofit

      You need to recode the car to work with LED headlighst (digit 5)

    2. Kieran

      Hi Finn

      Did you manage to get your leds working if so what did u do as I am wanting to do same mod as you

  5. Leigh

    I have an 4f 2006 with halogen headlight

    Changed the full front with to face lift 2011 with xennon drl

    Bought adaptors and plugged in , but am not really sure where to put the 4 wires.

    One xennon comes on that’s all?

    And also when trying to code in it rejects

    1. Audi A6 Retrofit

      You need to use adaptors as mentioned in the article. The four extra cables go into the Central Electric module as shown on the diagram. You need to put those pins in the back of the module, in the empty slots.

  6. dan

    hi guys,
    I have an Audi A6 2006 4f C6, and got the error adaptive lights defective.
    Anyone with better ideas how to fix it?
    Tried so many websites and all are just going for headlight replacement. Thats a bullshit that Audi won’t have some parts to fix that.I mean why do I have to change the Headlight when all the lights are completely fnctional apart from adaptive shit……please hit me with different answers that replace the headlight
    Thank you all……just a bit angry/……..

  7. fabion


    1. Audi A6 Retrofit

      Rewiring is required too. It’s not a simple task.

  8. john

    I have convert headlights from genuine xenon with afs to genuine xenon afs with led drl’s, have got change coding and all. Everythink working perfect except led’s. Do I need to change wires or pins somewhere? Can somebody help please. Car is audi a6 2007. Thanks

    1. Audi A6 Retrofit

      You have two options – one is to add capacitive resistence to the LEDs.

      The next one is to code the car to use LED DRLs (that’s the S6 coding actually). However, if you go for the second option, when your regular lights are on, the DRLs will be on too. They emit light with different “warmth” and usually the effect is not very good.

  9. fabion

    can you explain to me step by step please

  10. Jay

    I have an audi a6 ’07 (with halogens) and I’m planning upgrade to facelifted headlights (xenons with DRL LED strip).
    Reading last comments (john’s comment) I got confused- do I need anything else to do xenon+led conversion, that isn’t mentioned in article? Do I have to use some resistors as well?
    Thanks. 🙂

    1. Audi A6 Retrofit

      This article is NOT about retrofitting facelift headlights. The wiring is completely different, so is the Central Electric uint. You will need either to change the CAN Gateway of the car and the Central Electric module with facelift ones or to modify the headlights wiring. Definitelly not an easy task.

  11. Sean

    Hi, i have an A6 C6 2008 with Bi Xenon Adaptive Headlights with DRL’s. I’m looking to change for a set of C6 BI-XENON HEDLAMPS with LEDs DRL off a 2010 complete with all bulbs and ballase.
    I’m not technical but would really appreciate a heads up on what you think needs to happen to make a successful transfer.


    1. Audi A6 Retrofit

      You will need an expert to do this. It’s not that simple at all because there are differences in the cables. Again, since you’re not technical you should find someone who knows what they are doing. Retrofitting facelift lights is much harder than the regular bi-xenon ones.

  12. Jorge

    where can i get the headlight repair kits?

    1. Audi A6 Retrofit

      Audi dealership

  13. johnny

    Hi there, i have an a6 with bixenon 2008 with CME with letter K.i bought 2010 drl without bulbs and ballast. Before proceding in buying the missing hgoods could you please help me with the aswer of how can i simply check if the LED works? Thanks

    1. Audi A6 Retrofit

      Feed em 12 volts?

  14. Chris


    I was wondering if you might be able to give me some advice, you seem to be very knowledgeable about the A6.

    I own a 2005 A6 with Bi-Xenon headlights with AFS. I have retrofitted the complete S6 front, including the S6 headlights without AFS, and S6 LEDs wired in place of the fog lights (with resistors to prevent bulb out warning).

    The headlights all work, as do the LEDs, but I do get 3 errors on the dash. Two are ‘Daytime Running/Side Light: Left/Right Side’ and the other is Dynamic Headlight Error.

    I was wondering if you might know how to get rid of these? I guess changing some module somewhere, but not sure.

    At the moment I turn the headlights to the side light option, and pull out once for the fog light to turn on the LEDs. If there is anyway of making these actual daytime running lights as well we be amazing.

    Thanks for any help!


    1. Audi A6 Retrofit

      First, try changing the coding of your central electric module:

      0xx?xxx: Headlight Type
      5 = LED Daytime Running Lights with Headlight Washer System
      6 = LED Daytime Running Lights w/o Headlight Washer System

      Set that bit to 5 or 6 depending on whether you have washer system or not. That should do the trick!

      1. Chris

        Sorry, just seen your reply. I’m sure when I tried this it wouldn’t accept the coding, or it did and didn’t change anything. I will try it again tomorrow.

        Another thing to add is the headlights seem to point very downwards. I’ve tried adjusting them up, but they are up as far as they can go.

        Any idea if I need to change something else like a module or someth?ng?


  15. johnny

    After installing the 2010 led lights into my 2oo8 i came across a new discovery. When i turn my high beam on there should have lighted up h7 as well but it doesn’t. The xennon high beam turns on but h7 should as well. I read about new wirring running two cables to j519 thru the firewall.
    but noone writes on what this two wires conect to, on the side of the headlight and on the side of j519. I am not ussing kufatec adapter while i had bixennons already originaly instaled. Do you happen too know where this two wires connect to? Thanks mate, regards

    1. Octavian

      Good point! I have this problem to, and I am trying to switch the flash with High-beam, but I don’t know how. Can anyone tell us?

  16. Jones

    I have bi-xenon lights and I swiched DRL halogen bulbs to led bulbs. But the led bulbs are blinking/flashing.
    I tried coding the central electrics module, but it wont accept 5 or 6..
    Is there anything I can do?

  17. Mike

    I have a 07 A6 with stock xenon w/ adaptive front lights, i was involved in an accident and would like to put stock halogens in for now but do not want the error code on the dash. Would you know what needs to be changed in the coding in order for the error to be deleted?


  18. Mike

    Looking to go from Xenon w/adaptive to stock halogen for now, do you know what needs to be changed in the coding?

    1. Audi A6 Retrofit

      Cable plugs are different it’s not a plug and play plus recoding change 🙂

  19. Markas

    hi , am have audi a6 2007 alredy same liht in picture , but light bie xenon not turn left or right ? help

  20. Keiran

    Hi i have a 2007 Audi A6 3.0TDI le mans with factory fitted xenon headlights and headlight washers. I have purchased some DRL Led Xenon Headlights from a 2010 Audi A6. My car already had the 14 pin headlight plugs and the module , everything works apart from drl,side lights ?

  21. mark

    Do you have a procedure for adding 2009 facelift bi-xenon, AFS, LED to bi-xenon, AFS 2005 A6? Thanks in advance.

    1. Audi A6 Retrofit

      No, not that simple as with this retrofit. You need more rewiring and extra resistances, etc.

  22. Maxx


    Is this blog post retrofit suitable for 2007 model with non-projector halogen headlamp ?

    1. Audi A6 Retrofit

      That’s exactly what the post is about.

      1. Maxx

        Ok thanks, I got confused when you replied to Jay on 15 Sept 2014
        “This article is NOT about retrofitting facelift headlights. The wiring is completely different, so is the Central Electric uint. You will need either to change the CAN Gateway of the car and the Central Electric module with facelift ones or to modify the headlights wiring. Definitelly not an easy task.”

        He was asking similar question about changing pre-facelift 07 halogen model to projector with LED.

        Great blog post. It would help if you can fix the broken image on your blogpost. You blog still attracts visitors.

  23. Luke

    Hi! I have a A6 2.7TDI 2006 wit bixenon/facelift/non afs.
    Now i have 2 Rs6 Headligts with AFS system. How can i installing the AFS funktion? Thank you

  24. Andy

    Hello there
    I’ve recently retro fitted bi xenon headlights to my audi tt.
    I’ve connected all the adaptor cable bought off ebay. I can’t adjust the height of the beem with the wheel next to the light switch, am I missing something?

    1. Audi A6 Retrofit

      You need 2 level sensors, additional wiring and motors in the headlights themselves. Those are not covered by this manual.

  25. Chris


    I have a late (December) 2005 A6 2.7Tdi Sline Avant A6, with standard halogen (non AFS) headlights. Just got a set of Bi-Xenon Facelift headlights with LED DRL along bottom. I have heard that this can be retrofitted, but need to replace the Central Elecs Unit (which I have also got), and a wiring harness (also got), I note this post is specifically about the Bi-Xenon upgrade (without the LED DRL), but wondered if anyone could give me any pointers on this – as I am going to attempt this upgrade on Tuesday – a fellow 2005 A6 owner on a forum I am on has done the upgrade (but used an audi specialist to do the wiring/coding). My friend who will be helping with the upgrade has access to a VCDS/VAGCOM so can code them – if I know what to change the coding too.

    Many thanks

  26. Chris

    P.S. not too bothered about all the auto levelling etc, just need to get all the lighting functions to work – will level myself, but car only ever has kids in the back, so no real issues there.

  27. silviu

    hey guys,i want to do an upgrade from halogen to xenon lights,i have an a6 c6 4f 2005 2.4 manual .i have bought the lamps without knowing i need to do so many changes,the lamps what i bought they are from a6 c6 2006 and they are adaptive also ,i see they have some day led lights small bulbs under lamp ? i order the cables for conversion but i don’t find the Central Electrics Module 4F0 907 279 К i find just some others model without K at the end it must end with K the code ? what i need to do after i have everything installed ?can i use without making also adaptive module working?

  28. Billy

    I have 2006 with bi xenon light and now I upgraded them with 2010 model bi xenon for some reason it’s says adaptive head light defected and the led not working everything else ok
    Yesterday I just bought the adaptor can u just tell me is that ok it I have to do something else
    Many thanks

    1. Audi A6 Retrofit

      You need rewire! The central electric module pre-facelift is different from the facelift one!!!

  29. Quan

    For the smr and sml(sidemarkerlamp) I think if you put a resistor between them ph+ and ph- you can trick the box thinking the signal is there. The resistor is the same resistance as a bulb. The rest you already know.

  30. Kim

    I have A6 4f 2007 with bixenon and afs. I have bought Audi rs6 bixenon with led and afs. But the led do not work. What can I do? I have recoded and still I get an error on the dis. Also my adaptive cruise control does not work either after installation.

  31. Peter

    Hi, i replace bixenon oem headlights with bixenon afs headlights on my s6 4f. Can somebody help me with wiring diagram and coding information? I understand that i need one wire from each headlight wiring to somewere? 🙂

  32. Michael

    I have A6 with central Electrics 4F0 910 279

    The car have OEM bixenon and washer. I replaced the DRL bulb with led and it works fine but the LED bulb turn on every 1 min for just a second. I want to get rid of this – should I replace the central electrics with 4F0 907 279 and select LED DRL when coding ? Because I Can not code this with the current central electrics

  33. Adrian

    I have a Audi A6 2010 with halogen bulb and i bought xenon bulb with drl led must buy adaptor from Halogen to Xenon whit drl if yes please help me with Link from where can buy this adaptor

  34. Abdul

    Hi everyone new to this blog, need some advice, will the procedure be the same if swapping halogen to bi-xenon on a 2011 A6 C6 avant?

  35. Matt

    Hi do u have scheme how connect levelling headlamps cable please? I buy levelling sensor and cable from Kufatec. I same upgrade Audi A6 07 halogen to led bixenon thanks for advice.

  36. Bora

    Hello everyone.

    I have exact opposite question than most of others here had.
    I have A6 4F post facelift = with LED DRL from factory, all working perfect, but my question is:
    I do not have ASF lights, but I would like to get my fogs working as cornering lights. Somewhere on the internet I came across a thoughts like “its impossible” but also “its surely possible but only with ASF module”.
    Can some Audi/VCDS guru here tell me, how to achieve my fog lights to behave as cornering lights?
    Do I have to replace some modules? Do I have to replace the LWR module with ASF module although I do not have ASF capable lights?
    My CECM doesn’t seem to support this “cornering via fog” option at the moment.

    Thanks all for your advice/answer.


  37. Janis

    Hi! I have A6 C6 oem xenons 35w is it possible to fit Led lights which has D2S fitment?

  38. Paul McAteer

    Hi, I have fitted the Xenon headlights to my 2008 model that had halogen lights and installed the cable harness then carried out the coding but I only have the Xenon bulb lighting up, when I select dipped beam I can’t get the 2nd bulb in the light halogen bulb to light up no matter what I do. Do you have any idea what I may have done wrong? Could it be the wrong cable harness from the facelift model? Or a coding issue? Thanks in advance.

    1. Audi A6 Retrofit

      Why did you get a facelift harness, there are differences which most probably cause this.

  39. IM


    I have a 4F0 907 279 D, will this work?
    Also, the link to the cable on eBay is not working, please update the link.


  40. Corey

    If I have a xenon headlights in my 2008 Audi A6, can I buy a halogen assembly and put LEDs in it? Would that work?

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