To be honest, the S-line gearshift knob looks much, much better than the regular one both on the manual and automatic gearshift levers. In addition, especially if you’re driving a car with manual gearshift you will be constantly in contact with that lever. This is why it’s totally worth it to replace it with the S-line version. It’s easy and not very expensive retrofit.

First, put your fingers under the edge of the leather base of the knob and carefully pull it out.


Once you do that, lift the leather up to reveal the bracket that holds the knob.


Use a screwdriver to remove it and pull out the knob from the axel.


Once the knob is free, you need to remove the plastic bracket to separate the knob from the leather part. If you’ve purchased the new knob with the leather part already assembled, just skip these steps.


Now, simply pull out the old knob. Try not to damage the leather in any way.


Now, simply put the new knob and assemble following the same steps in reverse.


Note that you may have to purchase a new metal bracket for the knob base since they are difficult to be removed without breaking. However, they cost almost nothing (under a dollar) so this is no big deal.

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  1. Mads Nielsen

    Hello friends. Where is it possible to buy the gear knob??
    Regards Mads, Copenhagen.

  2. Joro Irl

    Hi guys, I just want to ask a quick question. I want to replace the gear knob on my A4 B6 S-line, would the knob for A3 will be the same as on my A4 B6, ‘coz the price deference is big?

    1. Audi A6 Retrofit

      I think the knob itself is the same but the leather base is different. However, it should be possible to fit the new knob on the old leather base.

  3. David

    Hi,Do you have oem number of that s line gear knob?Thanks

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