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A6 4F OEM Bluetooth Retrofit Manual

In this post I’ve described in as much details as possible the steps you need to follow to retrofit an original Audi Bluetooth module into your Audi A6 4F.

You will need the following parts for the retrofit

Bluetooth Module

The bluetooth module that you should look for is with part number 4E0 910 336 MX. Don’t buy old modules since they’re known to be often faulty and are replaced by Audi.

Optical cable

The optical cable that you need looks like the one on the photo below. You can purchase any optical cable splitter (for AMI for example) or if you have access to a second-hand car dealership to get the necessary cable from there:


Here’s a schematic how to connect the optical cables in the MOST optical circle.


Communication cable

You can get the other cable either from Kufatec or from a second-hand car parts dealership. Note that it’s a bit hard to separate only the Bluetooth cable from the rest of the installation. However’ once you have it, it’s simply a matter of connecting three cables with the same colour.


The same colours go out of the CD Changer, you simply need to attach those together.


Microphone cable & Microphone

Finally, you need to connect the microphone that’s under the plastic with the reading lights above your head. This cable goes through the right pillar. Don’t remove anything, the cable can be tucked under the trims. Here’s how the end of the cable looks like.


The microphone part number is 4L1 035 711 B and it looks like this:



When installed in the factory, the Bluetooth module is placed under the driver’s seat. This is not the best position to add it when you’r retrofitting it though. In addition, there have been complaints about water getting under the seat shortcutting the module.

It’s much easier to install it behind the glove department. It’s right next to the CD changer and/or AMI unit. Note that in the optical circle, the BT unit has to be last, before the amplifier. This means that you need to connect it AFTER the last device in the glove department – CD Changer or AMI.

There’s plenty of space there, and if you don’t have the module to automatically adjust your headlights, there’s even a module niche that’s with the perfect size for the module.


First, you need to open the CAN Gateway adaptation. In VCDS, there is a helper that allows you to place checks to the functions you want to add. Place a check on the  “Telephone” system. You will now have another module that you can configure. Finally, you need to restart the MMI system. To do this open the Control Head unit, go to Adaptation, add 1 to channel 111 and press the Test button. That will restart the entire MMI system. That’s pretty much it! You can now use the Tel button on your MMI control unit, configure and pair devices to your Bluetooth module.


36 thoughts on “A6 4F OEM Bluetooth Retrofit Manual”

  1. Здравейте,направих всичко по начина който сте описали ,но имам проблем блутут модула черпи консумация след като заключа колата и батерията се разрежда.Ако може да помогнете със съвет,Благодаря

    1. Значи не му подавате ток от където трябва, трябва да си взима захранването през контакт. Ако използвате CD-то като мен примерно, няма да има такива проблеми.

      1. Монтажа е направен точно по описанието взимам ток от CD-то дори го пробвах с кабелите директно на CD-то ,но няма ефект модула не заспива и черпи ток пробвах и с други модули резултата е същия.

        1. Значи има друг проблем с окабеляването. CD-то щом гасне, трябва да гасне и BT-та…

      2. може ли да ми кажете трите захранващи кабела ни кой пинове от голямата букса отиват

  2. Hi!

    I have in my A6 4F original Motorola handsfree-system. Can I add this even it’s installed?
    I have also mic installed because of Motorola. Can I use it?

    1. There is no original A6 4F Motorola hands-free system 🙂 That’s some retrofit probably the previous owner did. I don’t know how it is connected or how it operates. Probably, you can use the mike. As you can see, the wiring of the module is very easy, so you can check whether the mic uses the same plug easily…

  3. Hello I live in Bulgaria and I have a a8 Audi 2004. The car has a Motorola phone but I can’t connect my phone with the car with Bluetooth. If i try to make this installation it will work?

    1. Some modules only work with the Audi phone. Check the part number of your bluetooth module, it should be under your driver seat in a plastic box. Once you do that, give me the part number so I can check it out. You can simply replace the bluetooth module with another one. Plug and play, it does not have component protection, it should simply work.

  4. Hi, I’ve got same problem i can’t connect my Samsung Note I with my car (A6 C6 2004). SW: 4E0 910 333 D HW: 4E0 862 333 C. I can buy another one SW 4E0 910 336 C HW 4E0 862 335. Thx

  5. Hi. I’m brazilian and I have an audi a6 4.2 quattro here. I’m planning to do this retrofit in my car, but could you tell me if we can play music via bluetooth on the radio with this retrofit? Or do we need to use the USB connection with the other retrofit to do this?
    As I see, this equipment appears to work only for phone calls.

  6. Hi, I have Audi Q7 with factory BT device, some days ago when I restart the MMI System lost the configuration or when my car its closed or turn off for 2 hrs o more lost de configuration, the (module 77-Telephone lost the value 1 on the option Bluetooth channel 133), when I confirue again the channel 133 change 0 to 1, my cellphone working perfect with the BT the my Audi Q7 (voice, sound, signal, incoming calls, agenda) the only problem its when turn off the car for more than two hours lost the configuration. any help? Regards.

  7. Hello
    I liked blog, bravo to you.
    I want to ask in Bulgaria you are and if so where?
    My car is Audi A4 B8 Avant and whether there somewhere such as your detailed blog.
    Which website can zakopuvat things to Bulgaria with proven origin and better prices for my car?

    много ми хареса блога ,браво на вас .
    Искам да попитам в България ли се намирате и ако да къде?
    Моя автомобил е ауди а4 б8 авант и дали има някъде такъв подробен блог както вашия .
    От кой сайт може да се закопуват неща за България с доказан произход и добри цени за моя автомобил ?

    Thanks _Благодаря

    1. Аз си взимам само оригинални части или от ударени коли ( или от Порше ако са на нормални цении 🙂

  8. Hi!
    Congratulations for this site! Its very good!
    Let me ask you one thing: My Audi A6 Avant (4F) have Speech Dialog System configured with option 9 (Voice Tags only) but i can’t work with it.
    Do you know how to setup voice tags for contacts?

    1. That system…sucks. Seriously, mine is working perfectly, my english is fluent, don’t have accent, etc. and the damn thing just doesn’t work as expected… I really don’t know what to tell you, it’s just a crappy feature.

  9. Извършвате ли услугата по монтаж?
    Не съм сигурен, че ще мога да се справя сам и бих искал да ми го направи някой, който има опит. В това число, бих се радвал на камера за задно виждане и други подобни.
    Можете ли да ми дадете координати на сервиз в София, в случай че не можете да ми помогнете с монтажа?


    Hello, will the bluetooth (mx) module work in an audi a6 avant year 2007? I see there are many different types on ebay.
    many thanks Liam

  11. The one thing I can’t find is – how to remove the interior light and install the microphone? I don’t want to break the light fitting, but can’t see (or find) how to remove this. Any ideas?

  12. Hello,
    Great blog!!

    Is there any way to get the MMI system to recognise, for example, an iPhone to play iTunes via BT?
    I got the phone paired and can use it for calls but sometimes I prefer to play from that rather than CD or radio.


  13. Hi , I’m just reading all the audi car owners problems with the audi bluetooth. Because I’m also having difficulty with my Audi A 8 dti quattro 2006 4E ,not able to connect my Galaxy S3 to the original bluetooth it goes to the process through the code 1234 and it try to hold the connection but in the ends it stops showing ERROR. Like I have read in above comments that a probably, I have to buy a new buetooth module .?
    I really need help in these matters, what to do to solve my problem.
    Many thanks
    Kerry Gormati

    I have

  14. Hi,
    very nice guide, but I’ve an issue… I only can find 4e0910336c, 4e0035729a, 4f0910730h, 4E0035729 or 4F0910731…
    Wich one is correct for fitting in a 2005 A6?
    Another thing i can’t find is the splitter… No one sells Fufatek cables on eBay, do you have any hint?

    Thank you very much!

  15. Hi, thanks for a great site!
    I’ve got an a6 4f 2011, MMI 3g with BT module built in (no nav). I’ve got a set of 2 mics (will only use one) with the blue connector as shown on your picture. The problem is that the cable is very short for the mics and I can’t seem to find the extension cable for it that goes down to the main unit in the glove department. Any ideas how to solve it without buying a new mic kit? :/

  16. Hi!
    I have an A6 4F 2004 MMI 2G High. Car has an Audi phone factory installed so I believe has a Bluetooth also. I tried to connect may Galaxy S6 with the car and the car detects my phone but doesn’t connect with it. Tried different phone models and unsuccessful. Any idea what I need to do to make it work?
    Thank you! Great blog by the way!

  17. salve a tutti avrei una domanda da farvi: la mia audi invece ha la base del cellulare installata nel bracciolo e si connette tramite bluetooth solo con quel celllulare ovvero un nokia 6610. volevo sapere se c? un modo per connettere anche altri cellulari tramite bluetooth. specifico che nel menu “phone ” ? presente la voce : impostazione bluetooth.. ma solo quel celllulare ? in grado di connetersi

  18. My car uses motorola module with bluetooth phone on armrest.
    I’ve bought new module from temic but now I’ve found that main cable uses different plug.
    I’m thinking in change only the plug, but to do that I need to know if the colors from the wires are equal and which pins are used.

    1. Maybe this can help someone else…
      After some research I’ve found this information (untested as I’m waiting for the new 54 pin plug to arrive):

      Old 42pin plug – New 54 pin plug
      33pin – 14pin (diagnostics)
      42pin – 11pin (mic+)
      41pin – 12pin (mic-)
      15pin – 10pin (terminal 31 – earth)
      16pin – 2pin (terminal 31)
      35pin – 1pin (terminal 30 – +12V)

      The 54pin plug have this VAG Ref: 4E0 972 144 and I’ve bought it new online for the price of 10€ shipping included.

      1. It is confirmed. The above information is correct and work.
        The only issue I have is that can’t sync the phonebook. After some research I’ve found that is a common problem to many audi users 🙁

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